Jet Star Charters
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Welcome to Jet Star Charters

Jet Star Charters was formed in April 1989 to charter a specialised fast aluminium shallow water jet workboat to the Civil Engineering Industry.

The main advantages of our survey/work/crew/safety/dive boat "Jet Star" over conventional propeller craft are:

  • Extend the tidal working "window" in shallow and drying harbours.
  • Navigate over ropes etc.
  • Navigate in strong tidal conditions.
  • Highly manoeuvrable at slow speeds.
  • Cannot hurt divers or "man overboard" with propeller.
  • Can go alongside yachts/plastic pipe without damage (due to fendering system).
  • Is road transportable on standard 10 ton flatbed lorry.
  • Is fully supported by small spares/service van towed by motorhome.

The proprietor of Jet Star Charters has extensive experience of operation of shallow water jet boats in a commercial environment, having previously been employed in the offshore oil and dredging industries.

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